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Default Re: Teaching a child to drive

Originally Posted by steelreserve View Post
You make it sound so easy. I lived near Philadelphia for a few months in the end of 2007, and when I tried to go through all the DMV stuff so I could legally drive a car I had bought, they made it pretty clear that the state of Pennsylvania does not want anyone to drive a car there ever. And I already HAD a perfectly good driver's license. Hope it works out for you...
Did they know you were a Steelers fan out there near Philly? I think I smell a conspiracy.

Originally Posted by TheWarDen86 View Post
You sure the Mall is the best place? I know I am petrified to drive in the mall p-lot here myself.
Maybe that's just because it's New Jersey though (Soccer/Shopping Mom capital of the world).
This mall is the best place. It has many open lots, is HUGE and empty in most places. And yes, you feel that way just because you're in NJ. LOL. This mall is nothing like the Raceway mall in Freehold or the crazy Ocean County Mall down there in beach territory. (I used to live in NJ for a while so -- been there done that )

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
...soooooo....rosary beads...a football helmet...and screaming in fear....are...bad, right?
Keep the rosary beads but clenched in the pocket out of sight.

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
I just fairly recently got my license. Let me give you some advice from the standpoint of the student. Don't be over-bearing. I can remember learning to drive with my parents in the car with me constantly telling me "do this, do that" it gets ANNOYING. I know to use my turn signal, thank you. After the first go of it, don't mention simple things. Let her remember them on her own and if she forgets, then you mention it. Basically the best advice I could give to make it the easiest to learn would be to let the student do it then critique. Just take it easy :)
You just described my father. He taught me what kind of a person not to be sitting by someone learning to drive.

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
Wanna talk about driving try living in a city with 17 million Chinese people... No words can describle it. I'll try though...mad house...insane in the membrain.....unorganized....balls to the wall...oblivious...Chinese+women+cell phones.....D.U.I's for COPS... maybe that can give ya'll some insight
Does Japanese people count? I've driven in and around Tokyo. I would NOT want to teach anyone to drive over there! Not only are you driving on the other side of the road, but the driver's seat is opposite in the cars as well.

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