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Default Re: Obama: What did he do THIS time?

actually you may wanna try harder (like maybe not gathering your info from the same tree huggers you scoff at).

what do you know about the aquafiers in my back yard?

heres a response to the bogus article you linked-

I love it. A poet and author is now an expert on Geology, Hydrology, and thermal effects on salt. Listen genius, where did you get your information? That idiot Don Hanprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterpr ofanityfilter in Albuquerque? Come on. Please label your article "science fiction" rather than "factual commentary." I place your article in the proper place, alongside the idiots against stem cell research, evolutionary science or any other science-based endeavor of humanity.

Perhaps you would be interested to know that the thermal effects on salt were already studied decades ago when the first EIS of the WIPP site was completed (I have read the report). The findings were very supportive of a high-heat laden radioactive waste repository at WIPP. More studies must be done with current technology, but you probably want to shut that down, because the science-based results might conflict with the nice fear-based world you live in.

Your descriptions of aquifers in the area is quite amusing and totally misleading. One of the reasons WIPP was chosen because of the inability of water to migrate through the salt over long periods (as in epochal) of time. At the UNC, biologists isolated 250 million year old DNA fragments and cellulose from tiny pockets of trapped water from the late-Permian Period! This water, left over from the ancient sea that covered much of what was the continent at the time.

Thanks to misinformed journalists and writers like you, we are still using coal. Hey buddy, want to pick a fuel source that is truely screwing up the environment? You don't really care, however. From your picture, you'll be dead soon and my generation will have to work even harder to clean up the atmosphere and water. Jane Fonda and her anti-nuke movie were good entertainment and demonstrated the obvious need for safety in the nuclear industry (kind of like "Jaws" warned people not to go swimming with great white sharks). Like "Jaws," however, her movie and those that idolize her anti-nuke cause have done untold and unintentional damage to components of our environment.

By the way, speaking of the anti-nuclear industry's favorite Jane Fonda flick, you should take a drive over to the San Onofree plant that was pictured in the movie. It sits on (absolutely on the edge) the Pacific Coast with millions living in close proximity. Do you know where the interim storage site for the used power rods are? They sit in a concrete building parallel to the shoreline and within litterally stone's throw of the water. My movie, a combination of "Deep Impact" and the "China Syndrome," would involve a rock hitting the largest body of water on the planet and the resulting tsunami scraping 100 or so high-rad, one-time used rods onto to the western continental shelf of North America. After the initial extinction events, the level of mutagenic activity in the Pacific ocean increases by a factor of 1000. The United States, reeling from the cost of the recovery effort and international lawsuits, becomes the next poster child for nuclear irresponsibility (as opposed to the nations like France and England).
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