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Default Re: Teaching a child to drive

Originally Posted by trauben View Post
Did they know you were a Steelers fan out there near Philly? I think I smell a conspiracy.

This mall is the best place. It has many open lots, is HUGE and empty in most places. And yes, you feel that way just because you're in NJ. LOL. This mall is nothing like the Raceway mall in Freehold or the crazy Ocean County Mall down there in beach territory. (I used to live in NJ for a while so -- been there done that )

Keep the rosary beads but clenched in the pocket out of sight.

You just described my father. He taught me what kind of a person not to be sitting by someone learning to drive.

Does Japanese people count? I've driven in and around Tokyo. I would NOT want to teach anyone to drive over there! Not only are you driving on the other side of the road, but the driver's seat is opposite in the cars as well.

HA!! The Freehold Mall was precisely the one I was thinking of when I wrote that. Can you imagine trying to teach someone to drive there??? lol

Good luck! I'm sure she'll make you proud.
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