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Default Re: Antarctica to Pyramids lights dim for Earth Hour

Originally Posted by 7SteelGal43 View Post
Another empty and futile gesture brought to you by liberalism.
No, no, no, for some of us (like myself) politics has absolutely nothing to do with it. I'm only vaguely interested in politics lately, maybe because I'm getting older. I wasn't raised in a politically minded household, my mom hates politicians so much that she can't even stand to watch any president's speech on TV.
I'm conservative because we were poor. I came from basic bluecollar people, my Grandfather worked in a foundry all of his life. The kind of people that try to buy good useful things & like to hold onto things for a long time.
I'm not conservative for any political party, most of thse guys probably don't know the true meaning of conservative because most have never been poor. I'm not a tree hugger, but I love nature & try to respect it because it is God's gift to us & it's beautiful, not because it's popular to do so.
Some of us like to save money. I color my own hair, fix my own vehicle when possible, & like to do stuff like buying unfinished wood furniture, refinishing it myself & keeping it around for years. I like thrift shops. I don't run the water when I brush (I have a Sonic brush) & I don't throw trash out the window when I'm in my car. Why not? Because people who do are pigs, that's why.
I once worked with a silly shallow girl who once bragged about being a "throw away girl" who likes to throw everything away everytime she moves. I could only look at her in horror while wishing I could punch her in the head & stay out of jail.
For some people, being truly conservative is a kind of personal satisfation, we do it for ourselves. It brings about a certain feeling of independence.
We look at the blind consumers as the Sheeple. If you guys want to blow tons of money on crap that you'll want to throw away in two years & run up those credit cards, you go for it. But it's not fair to label those who don't as Liberals.
I know plenty of Republicans that are in debt as well.
The blind consumerism is just a symptom of an empty society, a throw away society where things are designed to become obsolete for the latest new thing. And that doesn't just apply to things, it applies to people as well.
"We have the power, We have the resources, We have the energy! Let's get together and wreck shit!" Evil Nine
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