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Default Mike Vick, doing your drywall work.,152547

Now my gripe is not so much with Vick here, cause I really don't care about him or what he does when he gets outta the slammer. But this article just stinks.....

Michael Vick would like to give you an estimate on that drywall
From now on, when I think construction, Handy Manny won't be the first name that comes to mind (I know a lot of three-year-olds). I bet you do It'll be Handy Ron Mexico.

Vick's lawyer told a bankruptcy court today that Vick plans on working 40 hours a week in construction when he gets out of the pokey. pokey??? is it me or has anyone ever heard of prison expressed this way? From the AP:

“You will hear from Mr. Vick his future intentions, how he’s going to change the way he lives his life,” his lawyer, Michael Blumenthal, told U.S. Bankrputcy Judge Frank J. Santoro.

Vick is serving a 23-month sentence for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, and his bankruptcy plan is based on the goal of returning to a professional football career. He briefly left a federal prison in Kansas to attend the hearing. He’s scheduled to be released from custody in July, but could be sent to home confinement in late May.

Blumenthal said when Vick is released, he plans to work 40 hours a week for a construction company. He did not disclose the wage or give any other details about the type of work that Vick will be performing. ahemmmm I guess it would be drywall work

I'm not sure I get it. Financially, I'd think the better option would be to spend as much time as possible training and getting back in NFL game shape. Granted, I don't know much about the construction industry, but I'm pretty sure NFL players still make much more money. ya think?? Planning and preparing to resume the ol' NFL career seems to me to be a better long-term financial strategy. duh? I guess would be apropriate

Maybe the construction gig is about public relations, though. Maybe this is something Vick has to do, or something his people who are "his" people? want him to do, to give the impression that he can be a normal guy and is willing to work a nine-to-five just like anyone else.

Whatever the case, I hope it all works out for him. And I'll give him a call if I need someone to build a deck for me. He says he'd be doing drywall work idiot, totally different from building decks

I think MDJ has been reading some of Tim's work lately, or is this an April fools joke?

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