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Default Re: worlds largest "super-volcano"ready to blow in yellowstone

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the website says Gore wrote it in early 2004

shhhhhh... i didnt think anyone would notice.

i had meant to put a question mark in the title. so you were there, huh? ive never been but would really like to go before it is wiped off the map. one of the articles states activity picked up in 2007 and slowed down in 08. im curious how big that bubble is at the bottom of the lake, now.

closest ive been to there is boise and lake cascade. very nice country.
Its been at its highest activity here the last half year or so. There's only been about 1000 quakes. One side of the lake has risen enough that the water is in the trees on the other side of the lake. But it was like that the last time I was there.


You should take time to go see it. Gotta warn ya though, go early or late in the season. Too many people, we made the mistake of going in july. We thought we'd take a drive around the lake, a ride that should only take about 2 hrs. It took us 7 freakin hours. And thats only making a few stops, always have to stop at Old Faithful. But the traffic is horrible, if someone see's a squirrel, they park in the road to watch it and so does everybody else. Backs traffic up for miles. By the time you get up to where people are lookin I expect to see a bear or something cool, but nooo, people out of their cars taking pics of stupid chipmunk.

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