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Default Re: 3 police officers shot and killed in Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
One bullet right between the eyes - $2.25

Taxpayer money housing, feeding, clothing and educating that douchebag in the pokey for the rest of his pathetic life - $1,000,000+

This douche bag will rot in jail for the next million years, while we foot the bill of course, and he will be hailed in jail as an idol because he killed 3 cops. If we are lucky though maybe he'll end up a "human lollipop"......if you catch my drift!!!!!

This idiot is a coward, who was never good enough to serve his country! Thank the Lord that he got thrown out of the military because he doesn't deserve to walk among the heroes of this country!

I respect the cops for not blowing his head off, I don't think I would have had that much self control! I think I may have kicked his skull in with my boot and spit in his wounds!

And all because he was afraid that someone may take his guns.....*BOO HOO* won't have those guns now will you, you worthless piece of snail poop! HAPPY ROTTING!!!!!
"It's not the thousands of kicks you throw that I fear...I fear the ONE kick that you've practiced a thousand times." ~~ Sun Tzu
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