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Default Re: Prayers for my wife-also any doctors in the house?

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post

Sorry I just saw this thread brother. I would definetly look for a neurologist...what you are describing sounds like a "partial-complex seizure"...more or less what may be going on her her brain is the equivelent of putting an aluminum bat against an electric fence.

My wife had these type of seizures for was as if she just "checked out" for a bit. Does she become very lethargic after coming back around?

PM me if that sounds familiar buddy.
No problem bro and thanks for sharing your experience, and it does sound exactly like what is happening to my wife durring these seazures. I'm trying to find a good foreign clinic here that actually has a freign neurologist.

It is a bit compforting to know that some has had the exact same symptoms but is ok (even if these are 2 totally different things)
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