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Default Ignorant Press. . .

Ok, enough with the pictures to try and put across either a belief, or send a different message, EVEN if it is only to sell articles.

I was upset with how the press did it with President Bush.

So I gotta point this out as well. When you look, there is NOTHING wrong with this picture. But at first glance. . .

There are a SLEW of other pics that can be used. Why this one?

It is the same with the president bowing down before the king of Saudi Arabia, it was the same as the pic of Bush with his hair being blown and him reaching back to flatten it, while his guest wasn't having the problem. . . which in that instant, the picture sent an image of Bush as a dolt... an image many of you bought, as it iwas then reinforced.

The same things are now being done here. The press is once again turning on the president. It is going to get ugly. At some point . . . and I mean this. . . the press had to learn the difference between reporting and creating the news.
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