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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .


I have no clue why you continue to turn a blind eye to blatant reality...

But be that as it may. . . I have always contended that the media, beyond its liberal bias, has in its erroneous view, that it is itself the protector of democracy. It is as arrogant as it is false.

the media ALSO likes to believe that it can build up and tear down ANY president. Don't forget, Obama has snubbed the media a number of times already. The media doesn't like or forget it. That VERY thing is what drove the feeding frenzy over Quayle. His hometown people BOOED the media when they asked questions one day after the nomination. They turned on him like a pack of wolves from that point forward.

This picture is just one more point of evidence of the media doing whatever they want to try to create a story....

Funny thing... it seems Tony, that you can't comprehend the fact that I am actually defending the president and first lady against the media.
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