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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .

The Times-Picayune did something like that several months ago. The NOPD either got some new weapons for the cops or busted a gang and took some weapons, I don't remember the details. Nagin and police chief Warren Riley held a press conference and at one point, Nagin picked up a scary-looking rifle and moved it, and in the process he swung it past Riley.

The photographers were taking pictures the whole time, and they picked one from right when the barrel went past Riley. They printed it and published it on the Web, making it look like Nagin pointed the gun at Riley intentionally. The T-P got caught because one of the local news stations ran a video.

I also remember the T-P choosing, from hundreds of photos, a picture of Gore where his mouth was open at an awkward angle so he looked retarded.
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