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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .

"Now"??? ive accurately called them panic articles from jump street. ive put the fire out on plenty of them around here.

what cracks me up is all the conservatives now, nut hugging the same media they demonized just a few months ago.

as for the "tea parties" what is there to "cover"? its not even apr 15. we all know republicans like their free tea (or ANYTHING that isnt taxed, for that matter).

only a conservative would think that ANY national media would actively lobby for people to go out and stage an uneventful protest (assuming 3 cops dont get shot).

it was that case with bush... it is the same case with obama.

*"bu bu bub bub bu bubba clinton"*

(woops, sorry to mention bush. i know how sensitive you guys get about that.)

so preacher, if the press is spurning "people into action" are they "ignorant" or not? you are all over the place here. you cant have it both ways.

*another one bites the dust*
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