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Default Re: North Korea launches rocket!!

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
Actually living in China and looking at the Chinese press everyday, they are pretty much condeming this. I think NK has become that anoyying little brother to China that profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilterblocks all the time.

China's main focus is China anything that messes with that e.g. causeing problems between it and the nations that are pouring money into their pockets and not a huge financial burden like NK is, is bad...very bad..... Now Russia may pull a fast one.
Actually, living close 2 China , I think China does want N.Korea fool around, so that it can keep S.Korea & Japan worried, which ultimately makes it a headache 4 the US. I don't think unified powerful Korea is Chinese interest. Same might apply 2 Russia.
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