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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .

i believe desperate times call for desperate measures and that the private sector run amuck consumed by greed got us caught up in this mess.
You do realize the crisis we are in is because of Fannie & Freddie, A COMPANY CREATED, MISMANAGED AND PRESSURED BY OUR GOVERNMENT to make bad loans that would not have been made otherwise?.....

This crisis is a textbook example of what happens when a bunch of ignorant attorneys and career politicians with little business experience or knowledge create a company to monopolize the the private sector.....and you obviously want more of it.

Greed and corruption is a human trait, Tony Not a trait of capitalism as you constantly imply. Stop embarrassing yourself with ridiculous mantra. The average politician is FAR more corrupt than the average executive in the private sector. As Nancy Pelosi correctly pointed out, there is a complete culture of corruption and deception in Washington.

You're so steeped in class envy you'd rather the government decide who get's what rather than the freedom, free markets and capitalism this country was founded on.

i also believe you and your entire political stance is consumed by money.
You're completely wrong. I am consumed with liberty and freedom and sound economic principles that are best for this country, not big government solutions like they have in Europe, which is the reason why people fought and died for the personal freedoms this country was founded on in the first place..

You are apparently steeped in ignorance and class envy. In fact, your entire "shtick" is right out of the marxist/socialist handbook my friend. If you would like me to get quotes straight from these books and put them next to yours, one after another, just continue along this line.

I understand you've never even taking a course in economics, but now I am wondering if you ever even took a course in history......if you did, I highly doubt you would have taken this thread in the direction it is about to go....
If I could be like that,
what would I do,
What would I do..."

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