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Default Was Obama Right to Fire Wagoner?

Been thinking about this a lot. Was Wagoner really the problem? Look at what he's done for GM:

The Chevy Malibu is one of the best cars GM has ever built. It's initial quality is better than both the Camry and Accord. It gets 33 MPH. The KC plant where they are made is one of the most efficient in the industry.

Buick tied for first as the most relaible car in the World.

The Cadilac CTS was the car of the year (I think in '08? Maybe '07?)

The Aveo is cheaper than the Fit, Rio or Yaris.

The Cruze and Spark minicar are hitting the road next year.

The Volt is coming (although they'll need to lower their production costs to make that thing fly).

It seems to me that Wagoner did a lot of good things, and was turning some things around. Yeah, financially, he was slow to adapt, but isn't that more the purview of the CFO? Wagoner improved efficiency, was slated to put out a revamped and updated line of cars with the same or better quality than the Japanese cars, and he was definitely working on more fuel efficient and greener auto's.

I think Wagoner was Obama's goat and he dumped the wrong guy.
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