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Default Re: Seahawks still crying

Whine, Whine, Whine!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of those fans that just can't get over the fact that their team lost I mean being accused of cheating is one thing but to have actual facts that you are a cheater is another. I could complain about the Patriots all day long but in the end it will not overturn the fact that they have the Trophy and that will not change.

When you hang on to past hurts and yes getting your butts kicked by the Steelers hurts; will never allow you to move forward because you will be whining in your own tears talking about what could have been instead of moving forward and forging a new era!!!!!!!

That is what the Steelers have always done moved forward and now I am looking forward to the 7th Lombardi Trophy!!!!!!!!!!!

Seahawk fans can join the Raiders of the 70's with their execuse of why they did not win.
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