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Default Re: Steelers SuperBowl Champions Parade.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
damn and you didnt get hit with no rubber bullets? lol. just messing around.

cool to be travelling cross country for the rally and parade. i have family in pitt and your post almost got me wanting to make a suprise trip. of family there would give me the liberty to go, win or lose and show the support and enjoy the festivities and have a place3 to stay and family to visit. i say book the trip and go either way!
its a memory you'll always cherish. Before SB 36 i asked/told my boss that FRiday that if the Patriots won nobody would be seeing me on monday as I knew id be up all night. I just had a feeling that it would be the year. After Vinatieri's kick was good I went to an almost unbelieving shock, followed by the joy of knowing my sports watching life would never be the same. I drove from my sisters house in Amherst,NH, turned on WEEI to listen to my boys coverage of the game and the joyous phonecallers, and drove all the way to Foxborough. I had no reason why, I just felt i had to go by the Stadium. All I ended up doing when I got there was honk the horn and scream out the window from Route 1. I got home at 1:30, put my VHS tape back in and watch the rest of the local and ESPN coverage the rest of the night. I just kept wanted to see the graphics "New England Patriots:World Champions" over and over and over. All night images of all the years i watched them came flooding back, the Plunkett years, the Grogan years, being at parties where nobody else was a sports fan but i needed the tv on to see if we could beat the Seahawks and stay alive for that wild card berth (, the 1985 SB run, the awful late 80's-early 90's period ( Zolak beats the Colts for on of 2 wins in 1992), finally the Kraft/Parcells/Bledsoe stretch, thru the Carroll years, and now this, and wouldnt my Dad have loved this. All next day people were happier, the newspapers were gold, and the coverage of the team coming back fronm New Orleans was surreal.
Because i took monday off I had to work on Tuesday, parade day, but i took a long lunch and hopped the train to Copley Square where the parade started. I got to see them up close. I got to look Belichick in the eye and yell thank you, Brady too. And see that trophy. the trophy i had only seen on TV and on NFL films, with folks like Art Rooney holding it. I had been a Celtics fan during the Bird years when they won me 3 titles.
But this was 100 times the thrill. I always knew the first time either the Red Sox or Patriots won a championship my sports fan life would pass from black 'n white to color.
And it did. 2003 was great. It was like a validation of 2002. 2004 was great too. The Red Sox winning the World Series, especially beating the Yankees, was amazing. But for me, none of it will compare to Super Bowl 36. Even having Paul McCartney and U2 there.
(Beatles and U2 are my #1 and #2 bands of all time). It was perfect. And like John Madden says. It never goes away and nobody can take it from you.

I hope very much you guys get to experience all this in 11 days. Savor this time. take it all in. But the second thing Madden says (hes an idiot about everything else, but these 2 sayings of his are so true), the biggest gap in sports is winning and losing the Super Bowl.
getting there, like the '95 Steelers and '96 Patriots, is a nice season, but what happens when you win is passing a threshold I truly hope you get to partake of. Go crazy and know it lasts a lifetime.
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