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Default Re: F-22 fighter program gets the axe

im kinda bummed. the raptor is sweet. but when you think that we only had 45 stealth fighters (and kicked alot of ass with them) we are definitely upgrading with 187 f-22's. perhaps 381 were overkill. (i believe we only lost 2 of the stealth on combat missions.)

hard to believe the raptor is already becoming outdated before it sees its 1st combat duty. lockheed martin writes more programming for it in a year than the microsoft corporation does. ive seen a stunt show. i swear the thing has capabilities to hover and fly backwards if it wants.

Mr. Gates said he was going ahead with plans to buy four more of the Air Force’s advanced F-22 fighter jets in a supplemental spending bill that will be forwarded to Congress soon. But he said he would cap the plane at 187 aircraft. He also would cancel the building of a new presidential helicopter.

The advanced fighter, made by Lockheed Martin, was designed in the cold war and has not been used in combat, and critics have viewed it as one of the most prominent symbols of the cost overruns and delays that have plagued military programs.
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