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Default Re: F-22 fighter program gets the axe

Originally Posted by steelreserve View Post
North Korea?

I can understand the other two, but seriously, North Korea? I don't think they could even beat some of our better street gangs. They make a lot of noise, but from everything I've seen, they're completely incompetent.
Don't confuse political leadership with a professional military. The only question here, is if Kim Jong Ill has seen fit to execute the military leaders with competency. As much as China is against an aggressive N. Korea, I HIGHLY suspect they are selling armament to N. Korea...

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
I understand that, but is at a point where we can shoot planes out of the freaking sky miles away. Air power just isn't the same.

Helicopters and ground support planes, I totally understand...but fighters? I am not saying get rid of them all, but wow, are we spending a lot of money for, what amounts to, practice planes.
Right, but don't forget the lessons in vietnam. Because our pilots were depending on missiles so much, we almost lost air superiority. Furthermore, we have yet to go up against a top-rate defense system. Iraq in the first war was closer, but it still wasn't top rate. Now, if we face off with china? You can bet that we will lose a LOT of planes... and pilots.

Personally, I am glad for the rumblings I have heard concerning the military revisiting their standing readiness. I have heard that there are discussions about going back to a 2 Major conflict- 1 minor conflict readiness. That is, they are large enough to fight two major wars AND a minor war at the same time. That WAS the cold war standard before all the cutbacks.

It is time we go back to that.
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