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Default Re: F-22 fighter program gets the axe

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Don't confuse political leadership with a professional military. The only question here, is if Kim Jong Ill has seen fit to execute the military leaders with competency. As much as China is against an aggressive N. Korea, I HIGHLY suspect they are selling armament to N. Korea...
I'm not confusing the two, so much as I think North Korea's military is probably pretty incompetent as well. All their public displays of might have gone wrong, and the country usually barely even has enough essential supplies to make it through the week, much less wage a war. They strike me as kind of like Iraq's army before the first Gulf War -- lots of soldiers, but not very effective and with probably no air power to speak of. Any modern army would probably crush them.

It would be a little worrisome if they were getting shit from China, but judging by how well their last rocket launch went, it doesn't look like it. But in either case, countries like China and Russia might sell some weapons to other countries, but notice how they never give them enough help that they can be as effective as China or Russia themselves. That's been the pattern for decades.
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