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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .

you must be exposed to a brand of liberal propoganda the rest of us arent privy to, or we simply ignore. i havent seen nothing that says obama is beyond reproach. appearantly, from this thread, the liberals and all the media they control, are piling on right along with everybody else...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
My main problem with the liberals criticisms stem from the fact that we, as a nation, are apparently supposed to just sit back and let Obama do whatever he wants, and put our blind faith in him. It seems he is supposed to be considered above reproach. Here's why that doesn't work:

-This is the most complicated economic situation we've been in since at least the early 80's, perhaps even the early 30's. not according to GBMacroeconomicBlount
-NOBODY knows exactly how to get us out of this. GBMelbount does
-Obama has zero experience at the executive level with budgeting. about as much as the alternative.
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