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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
Leave it to Tony to argue someones' economic competence because they they took law courses.


well that was way above your head.

lemme explain what happened to ya there- you pretty much suggested i have no idea because i havent majored in economics or because youve had youre nose in the book more than me. you assume that makes you right and me uneducated.

How would you know Tony? You've never even taken a course in economics.

Obama is an embarrassment to this country and the principles it was founded on and you apparently support his actions,
the principals this country was founded on are laid out in the constitution. how many majors do you have in constitutional law? according to your own flawed logic, obama is right and you are wrong, so how would YOU know?

i love the armchair quarterbacking of the likes of you who think cause you can balance your own checkbook or some small business books, you can fix the entire economics simply by copying some inexact science you learned in an economic course or 2.

if it were that easy, it wouldve already been fixed. actually we wouldnt have found ourselves in this mess in the first place. we are in unchartered waters. i think you only look at this from a nationalistic point of view and arent even realizing the global implications. i say your view is shortsighted and narrow and i dont need a freaking textbook to tell me that.

why dont you run for president or treasury secretary is its so damn easy to fix? (and actually the only solution youve offered is regurgitating 30 year old trickle down principals).
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