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Default Re: Boom Boom -- Out go the lights.

Originally Posted by Blitzburgh_Fever View Post
That's the point. This is all Gisele's bodyguards, not Brady's, because that would mean Brady would have to get punished, and that is not okay by the NFL. I don't know if it's white or if it's because he's a Patriot, but it's inconsistent and bullcrap.

I'm sure this time it will be "Well, you can't know what someone would do!" Which is true, but if that's the case it should have been what was told to Pacman.
well the only thing is, her bodyguards dont have to answer to or have anything to do with Brady. the only reason they are even in the same sentence is the fact that for whatever reason Gisele saw something in Brady (im pretty sure she makes jus as much if not more than Brady so it cant be the money).

ill admitt that shooting at reporters was extreme but the only way the NFL takes action is if somehow they can prove that Brady is the one that pays the bodyguards and not gisele.

But then again we all know how good the patriots are at cover-ups, so im guessing Kraft learned his lesson and burned any tapes of the incidents if there were any
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