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Default Re: F-22 fighter program gets the axe

nobody here has been rational and logical in their political posts. (i will give a slight edge to revs).

"when in rome...", right?

wouldn't mind seeing 2 or 3 being made every year or two just to maintain the fleet. Start in say, 5 years if we don't have anything new coming on line at that point.
case in point- the stealth f-177. it was a door wedge that shouldnt even be up in the air. now compare that with the video killer provided of the raptor.

its like the 1st plane flown at kittyhawk being compared to the sopwith camel.

the stealth didnt need 2-3 every year for replenishment. i know one was lost in the bosnia conflict, and another in iraq vol. I. plus one crashed into a trailor park here (bad shit always happens to trailor parks- Timma Slumberzzz case in point). other than that, the fleet was maintained.

current estimates say we are spending 2 billion dollars a day (?) to replenish all the shit we are using up in iraq and afghan. this goes from tanks to combat boots and kevlar.

so every month over there is literally knocking dozens of these magnificent planes (war machines) off of our budget. somethings gotta give, and unfortunately it is the raptor.

i tell you what, watching them every day definitely gives you an appreciation of them. you should hear the errie ominous *whirrrrr* when they fire up for take off. and the sonic boom heard for miles is outta this world.

i nearly shit my pants atleast 2X per week (and i dont scare easilly). then again, im not used to what sounds like bombs dropping 100 feet away.
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