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Default Re: F-22 fighter program gets the axe

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Tony. . . if you were that rational and logic in your political posts... We'd be having GREAT discussions.

I think you are absolutely right. The only thing that worries me is the idea of replacement planes. While the B-52's are so basic that they can probably be rolled off a ford plant still, the new planes are so specialized that it becomes quite difficult to keep using and re-using them through the years.

I wouldn't mind seeing 2 or 3 being made every year or two just to maintain the fleet. Start in say, 5 years if we don't have anything new coming on line at that point.
I'm no expert on military weapons programs, but I had a roommate who had worked for General Dynamics on the the A-12 Avenger program, which was cancelled. I asked him why they didn't jus make a few. He responded that there has to be a minumum number of orders to make it practical to keep the production lines open. That made a great deal os sense to me. And I think it is applicable here. You can't keep people standing around waiting to make two planes a year. The cost per plane would sky rocket. Remember there are ten's of thousands of people working on these programs.

Tony is correct. The Raptor will be is the sky for years to come.
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