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Default Re: F-22 fighter program gets the axe

Here's what worries me about China. They previously had to adopt the Russian model of "Steal secrets from the US and make cheap, simple copies that work ALMOST as well".

Well, they have a ton of money now, so they can now steal our secrets and build planes just as well. Toss in the eventual engineering edge (seen many American engineering students studying Friday night in the college library?)and ten years down the road WE could be playing catch up to them.

Don't think so? There was atime when all the Jpanese cars were about the size of a can opener, were ugly, and sold only because they wewre cheap and got good gas mileage. Last time i checked, Toyota was the Worlds biggest producer of cars now, and the quality ain't to shoddy either.

If we get lazy and complacent, we'll lose our military edge as well...
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