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Default Re: 2 hospitalized after Pine shooting, standoff

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
stuff like this has gone on in good times and bad times. i cant blame ted bundy, jeffrey mcdonald, or charles manson on the economy.

if a + b = c then its fair to surmise that c - b = a.

obama is being blamed for the economy. obama was blamed for the kid killing 3 pgh cops.

its a bit sickenning if you ask me, but we live in the day and age of blame, where personal accountability is thrown out the window.

im willing to bet the surgeons wife was hopped up on anti-depressants (that she was doing when the economy was good) and other prescription drugs, and this act had nothing to do with the economy.
And statistics say that it has everything to do with finances, and in bad financial times, the pressure is more. No one said Obama, no one is blaming Obama. Stop seeing right-wing demons behind every stone.

Or should I say, that was just another panic-post
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