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Default Re: Seahawks still crying

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Of course not, because since the Steelers ended up winning, DAY WUZ ROBED!!!11!!

And I absolutely blame BSPN for creating today's whiny bitch fan, and not just in the NFL either.
True, and that particular no-call was to the benefit of an opponent of the Steelers as well. I forgot about my own NFL Officiating Primer there. My bad.

The Whiny-Assed Crybaby's Primer to NFL Officiating

1. Any and every call and no-call which benefits any and every opponent of the Steelers is always 100% correct and fair.

2. Any and every call and no-call which benefits the Steelers in any way, shape or form, are never correct and always the result of paid-off refs and unfair favoritism by the NFL and the Steelers-loving media.
Also couldn't agree more with the notion regarding Disney Channel II's role in creating the pussies and crybabies that infest sports fandom in this country nowadays.
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