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Default Re: 2 hospitalized after Pine shooting, standoff

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
And statistics say that it has everything to do with finances, and in bad financial times, the pressure is more. No one said Obama, no one is blaming Obama. Stop seeing right-wing demons behind every stone.

Or should I say, that was just another panic-post
another "panic post"? no. actually it is one of the most basic premises in logic.

if 'a' = 'b' and 'b' = 'c', then 'a' = 'c'

we both know the right-wing is dominated by Christian fundamentalists, and since we are both Chrisian, why would you even suggest i am "seeing demons"? they most certainly may be wrong, but i dont think they are inherently evil.

have you been following major right wing media outlets and talking heads, lately? i would even say the general right wing opinion on this board is a fair assessment of the "majority...

according to THEM, the economy is obamas fault. he has not done enough to fix it in 60 days, he is wrecking it, we are doomed, and socialism and communism is our final destination.

rush, hannity, coulter, beck, o'reily all preach it and millions of sheep eat it up.

THEREFORE, using the rules of simple logic.... if murders = economys fault, and economy = obamas fault, then murders = obamas fault.

personally, i buy into my theory much more. this tradgedy was independent of "economy" and probably had more to do with a chemical inbalance inside the bitches head.

just like the kid who shot 3 cops. blaming obama, or the economy, or global warming is just a cop out.

and in bad financial times, the pressure is more

youre almost sounding like a liberal , with this statement preach.
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