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Default i finally got stung by a scorpion

just went out back for a cigarette (in nothing but shorts and a pair of sneakers) and as i sat down at the comp had to swipe a creepy crawly off of my leg and stomp it....

which reminded me, a few weekends ago, i was awaken at 7AM being attacked by a scorpion. it stung my right middle finger 3 times, and i wasnt fully awakened until it was stinging my left middle finger for a 4th time. unfortunately i didnt get to kill the bastard as i flung it across the room.

that shit hurt and burned.

now i always thought that scorpion bites (stings) always = immediate death but seeing my daughter and "worse half" take 3, made me worry less, (assuming i didnt have no allergies. i still always thought it would hurt like figs though).

4 stings. it really wasnt that bad. its been a while, but i remember ant and bee stings being worse. i took, 2 benadryl, went back to bed and didnt think of it since (until i found this creepy bastard crawling up my leg tonight)

its time to spray. unfortunately the scorpions are resiliant mf'ers. we see many more of them than c0ckroaches or waterbugs.

whats funny is if you live a mile away from the foothills, its the complete opposite. never saw a scorpion for years until i moved "up" here.
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