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Originally Posted by TheWarDen86 View Post
That's what I'm saying Preach!
The very first thing the Navy should do is have a fighter strafe that frickin life boat the pirates are presently occupying.

Next: "HEEEELLLLOOOOO!!! NAVY!!!!!" You have an awesome opportunity here for a live fire excercise right off the coast of Somalia! Don't you think that the Gunners Mates would love to shoot at something else besides 50 gallon drums for a change? And oh yea, you'd be making the seas safe for commerce at the same time.

Git 'er done!
Great ideas---I'm all for watching shit blow up---In fact, I'd love to be the one to make that shit blow up! But I think the idea would be better to blow up the life boat's mother ship! And then provide Navy escort (via submarine) to those shipping lanes...
Just imagine how big the skinnies' eyes would get when they saw a torpedo coming up from the deep

In all seriousness, they apparently still have the Captain of the Merchant Ship...

so maybe the SEALS have a job to do after all...hooyah
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