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Default Re: i finally got stung by a scorpion

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post

Mine wasn't that bad, like Tony said its like a bee or wasp sting. Also like Tony I thought I had a death sentence, the doctor laughed at me.

This is what kind it was.

yep. thats the culprit.... giant lobster claws, beady black eyes, translucent legs, and a swollen poison pouch with a rose thorn stinger.

a couple of years back i saw an unusually large and darker, veiny triumpant bastard crawling on my garage wall. as i got closer, i saw that it was a mother scorp with about 100 tiny little babies clinging to its body. i hit it so hard with a shoe i thought i was gonna put a hole in the drywall. i still got the stain their as a sign of victory and warning to others.

did you know them bastards crawl on the ceiling? its a little tougher killing one with a broom handle. even after theyre smached their tails are trying to sting something.

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