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Default Re: Kirill from Moscow, Russia.

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Is it tough getting Steelers merchandise there?
Yes it is really tough. You can find for example a cap that costs 3$ or a jacket that costs 5$ - but that is shit.... Only poor people would buy it and they do not know what does the simbol with 3 diamonds means... if speaking of official merchandise we have several shops with lots of footbal stuff but i've never been there, and i don't think that there is a lot of Steelers stuff(((

Speaking about official online shop... I'd love to buy several jerseys, terrible towel and a cap... but I do not know how much would that cost :) will it be 2 or 3 prices for the delivery :) As Pittsburg is not too close to Moscow :)

Originally Posted by beSteelmyheart
I heard that there is going to be some sort of NFL in Europe-have you heard anything like that?
Yes we have a European Footbal League and as I know there are several players in this league from the best russian team Called Moscow Patriots :) Once I saw a game between two german teams and in my opinion it is not as interesting as NFL. The same I can say if we compare, for example, English Premier League and MLS. :)

Originally Posted by BlueTalon
Hello, Kislik! So are you from Russia, or did something bring you there (business, school, girl, something?)
No, I'm a native Russian and never been to US :) I have relatives living in LA, but i've never seen'em. :)

Originally Posted by Koopa
welcome to SF, hope you enjoy it here, lol and i think your the first person i've ever seen say they like a punter
It's a bit difficult to explain but I love the way a punter punts the ball. :) I never tried to punt and I think it's impossible to punt a ball for a long and very strict (1-5 yards) distance as Chris does.

And one more question from me :)

I know that Browns are rivals for us. But how rival are they? I'll try to explain what I mean.

I support Spartak Moscow in soccer. We have our biggest rival, also located in Moscow, called CSKA. We always have fights between groups of fans... it is a bit dangerous especially for youngsters to walk in a scarf of your team as you can be beaten by rival fans and they can take your scarf to clean their boots. :) When Spartak and CSKA are playing against each other ordinary people are trying to stay at home as it is too dangerous (lots of fights allover and in suburbs of Moscow). etc-etc

Is it the same with Cleveland? :)
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