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Default Re: i finally got stung by a scorpion

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
did you know them bastards crawl on the ceiling? its a little tougher killing one with a broom handle. even after theyre smached their tails are trying to sting something.

Yep...Thats when you invest in one of these. Fry em like bacon on a hot griddle.

Originally Posted by TheWarDen86 View Post
Haven't any of you guys ever tried to capture a couple and have a scorpion death match (like in the shitty film Jarhead)?
Did when I was in Nevada. Put them in a 10 gal. fish tank and all they did was try to hide. No death match's. Then my dad found out and got in big trouble for playing with scorpions. They can kill you with one sting don't ya know.


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