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Default Eminem's new video slams Romo, Simpson, Palin and others

Nobody is safe from Eminem's mockery in "We Made You," the first video from his forthcoming album Relapse — including Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Gov. Sarah Palin.

The video opens with the rapper lampooning Rock of Love's guylinered "love"-seeker Bret Michaels and a full-figured, cheeseburger-devouring Simpson in her famous Daisy Dukes. Also on Shady's "To Skewer" list are Kim Kardashian showing off her glutes, a bustier-wearing Palin and Lohan polishing Samantha Ronson's tonsils.

Watch the battery of celebrity bashing after the jump.
gotta love the republican outrage-

He Represents The Lowest Form Of Entertainment In This Country. No One Over 25 Listens To It”

-bill oreily (who seems to blast "free speech" and within a few minutes seems to shows less outrage against the kid in pgh who blasted 3 cops)

right after oreilly blasted eminem, for using simple rights of free speech he goes into a segment of the pgh cop killer who was obviously demonstrating his right to bear arms. bill pretty much calls him a nutjob and moves on.

he showed 10X more outrage towards eminem blasting his girl sarah. this can only mean rush will show the sheep 20X more outrage.

freedom of speech = bad
ak-47's = good

gotta love the hypocricy. anyways the video is pretty funny. eminem has always been an "equal opportunity offender" and stiffs like bill need to pull their head out of their ass.
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