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Default Re: Eminem's new video slams Romo, Simpson, Palin and others

Now I've got to see this video. I'm torn on Eminem as an artist...because at times it feels like he's trying to come off as thug...and then there is "My Name Is" It's like he's a white cross between Snoop and Weird Al. Scary

Bill is a moron. All you do when you slam an artist like Eminem is make yourself a target. What's really odd to me is trying to envision Bill listening to Rap/Hip Hop music when this song comes on. I just can't see Billy O "smoking smoking...sipping on Gin & Juice" with his mind on his money and his money on his mind.
If you take the "U" out of "STUD", you get STD. I'm just saying.
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