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Default Re: Fitzgerald set for Madden 10 cover ?

They won't put Ben or Troy on it. They seem to have a fetish for the Super Bowl losers, or else the one guy who had a great year on a mediocre team.

Fitzgerald seems like a wonderful pick to carry on the curse. He's SO poised for a drop-off it's not even funny. It'd be hard for him NOT to disappoint people, since everyone thought he walked on water by the end of last season.

Add to that the fact that his QB is getting way too old, his sidekick Boldin may be out the door, the only running threat they had is probably gone, and poor ol' Fitz may be facing triple-teams all season. It doesn't help that the standard of comparison he faces is the career year he had last season while the whole team was playing out of their minds.
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