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Default Re: Eminem's new video slams Romo, Simpson, Palin and others

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
Bill is just part of an older generation that doesn't have any comprehension of today's music and culture. I do happen to agree with him that rap and the stuff Eminem puts out there doesn't have any cultural value and can be quite demeaning, but, I think satire is most of Eminem's schtick.

O'Reilly has a lot of views I agree with, and many more that I don''s the things like this where he over reacts that make me shake my head. He just sold a lot more Eminenm albulms by even mentioning it...
Well stated, Hammer.

I don't listen to rap at all - a self-inflicted hammer over my head would be less painful, but I know enough about Eminem to know that he is pretty much a satirist in his lyrics and that's his "thang".

I don't care about O'Reilly one way or the other. Like you - I agree with some of his opinions but sometimes, he goes wayyyyyyyyy overboard.

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