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Default Re: Political Cartoon from '34 Chicago Trib

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

There is no doubt that the left has been demonizing capitalism for a long time. In fact Spike (Killer) found something that showed that only 53% of Americans now think Capitalism is better than Socialism.

Where do you think that kind of thinking originated? Who would propagate thosekind of ideals? Which party most embodies the tenets of Socialism?
People like Tony are a perfect example of why I feel that freedom and capitalism WILL lose out to socialism in this country.

Our taxes as a percent of GNP are close to many socialist countries and you will still find people like Tony demonizing capitalism as though it is the cause of all evil and problems in this world and having a difficult time even acknowledging that government corruption,taxes and regulation are a problem.

As most conservatives know, the key to socialism succeeding is the media and educators convincing the ignorant masses that the freedom, liberty and capitalism that catapulted our young country to become the most prosperous in the world, is actually the problem.
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