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Default Re: Political Cartoon from '34 Chicago Trib

I really don't think it was possible for anyone to "plan" the current crisis. Home prices got too high because a large new generation suddenly started shopping for houses, it took a few years for them to throw up enough crappy tract houses to meet demand, and then prices went back down and the people who paid too much were screwed -- in no small part because they relied on way to pay for the house that assumed the price would keep going up. This is not hard to figure out.

If you want to blame anything, blame the stupidity of the average American, and his/her failure to understand that if you can contrive some elaborate scheme to buy something you can't afford ... the basic fact remains that you've bought something you can't afford. Double congrats to the banks who couldn't figure that out either, and lent them the money to do it.
"An empty victory is a victory nonetheless."
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