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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

i love the armchair quarterbacking of the likes of you who think cause you can balance your own checkbook or some small business books, you can fix the entire economics simply by copying some inexact science you learned in an economic course or 2.
It doesn't surprise me that you would belittle me for having been a business owner.

All I have said is that freedom, liberty, capitalism and lower taxes is a better solution than than socialism and government control of everything (as history has shown over and over)

I am also saying that your consistent characterization of capitalists as the only people that are greedy and exploitive, plus your adamant support of massive government control and and wealth distribution being a better solution than capitalism makes you look like a socialist.

Maybe someday you'll understand that greed is a human trait and the government is the most corrupt and greedy of all, but until then, each time you spew your shtick about evil greedy capitalism being the cause of all bad, and the government being the savior, you will continue to look like a socialist who is blinded by class envy.
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