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Default Re: Give President Obama a grade

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
Please tell me why you would say that Tony? It is completely untrue. The farther you go down this line, the more you will look like a socialist tony.

I am simply a conservative who believes in the same principles as our founding fathers.....freedom, liberty, self-determination, try to do what is right, and help others.

Our founding fathers would be DEEPLY saddened, and probably feel that they had ultimately failed, if they saw what has become of our government and the majority of our people.
i said it because i believe it to be true, and the further you go down the line of calling everybody a "socialist" who doesnt buy into your views, reconfirms my belief.

and who the hell are YOU to tell us what the founding fathers would feel. you act like you are a founding father and you wrote the constitution.

"try to do what is right and helping others"? tell that to the slaves and the savage indians. we kicked ass and took names later. dont even pretend that only republicans "try to do what is right and help others". totally laughable.

oh, and while you boo hoo and are DEEPLY saddened, i will look at the glass half full....

i am sure my countries founding fathers would be extremely PROUD to look back and see that they founded the richest, most powerful, most democratic and religiously free nation in the ENTIRE world.
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