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Default Re: Socialism vs. Capitalism...And the Winner Is...

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
If we took from our neighbors what the government does, we would be jailed.

The reason most people support legalized government plundering is because they are brainwashed that all wealth was ill gotten and at their expense.

If you promise to take 50,000 from a wealthy person and give $5,000 to 10 people, the person who earned the $50,000 may not vote for you, but 9 of the 10 you give $5,000 for doing nothing will.

THAT my friends is why socialism is so appealing to the majority.
Very well said, thats why I despise liberals so much. They prey on and exploit the weak for votes and power. The majority of these libs have no clue they are being used. Its a telling sign when the majority of college students are libs and when they get into the real world and have kids they become conservative.
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