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Default My Pirate Pre-Season Analysis

I'm going to share my position breakdowns of the Buccos

Lets start with 1B
Starter - Sean Casey
Backup - Brad Eldred/Craig Wilson

1B is the one of the positions I like the most. Casey is a solid middle of the line up type of hitter. While he lacks pop (9 HR last year) he makes up for it in consitency. He is a career .305 hitter and has a good on base percentage (.371 last year 10th among 1B in MLB) He rarely strikes out (48 last year with 48 BB) and will bring some stability to the team. He also brings alot of leadership to the team. Something that was obviously laking last year. His hometown boy status will make him an instand crowd favorite like he was in Cincy. He will also be able to mentor Brad Eldred. Eldred tore up the minors but when he finally got up to the bigs he was obviously not ready. He has huge holes in his swing that were exposed when he came up. He has tons of talent, just needs a little seasoning. I would rather go with Wilson as the backup and let Eldred get the playing time he needs in AAA where he can work on his swing and his defense.

My Grade - B+
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