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Default Re: Ignorant Press. . .

Mel: "You cant shoot a cop!"

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Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
It doesn't surprise me that you would belittle me for having been a business owner.
sounds like youre getting a little sensitive there GB. i must have forgotten that only someone who has taken an course in economics, a course in history, or someone who has owned a small business, can belittle people.

you really dont like it much when the shoe is on the other foot, now do you? you might wanna look in the mirror before you cry about me belittling you.

ive played pretty nice, since i like you, but your diatribe is getting old, and your posts are getting more personal in nature.

put your 2 cents where your mouth is and show everyone 1 post of mine where i think the govt should own and oversee all the production of goods and their distribution. and while youre at it, show where i think people shouldnt own anything and everything should be controlled by the state.

you cant. socialism is nothing more than a catchphrase with you.

you confuse paying taxes with socialism.
you confuse closing tax loopholes with socialism.
you confuse lobbiests not running washington as socialism.
you confuse providing everyone with healthcare with socialism (but admit our founding fathers would want to help people).
you confuse a standard and equal education for everyone as socialism.
you confuse hillary clintons book "it takes a village" with socialism. (admit it. you do, w/o even reading it.- i havent so im 99% sure you havent either)
you confuse anyone who isnt a conservative like you with socialism.
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