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Default Re: The Chinese have a new toy...and it doesn't bode well for US Fleets

The budget for this year (which is a Bush budget) is 654.7billion
Next year, (Obama's first budget) is 663.7billion

The war on terror--which is now called "overseas contingency plans" (come on, ANYONE would have to admit that is just a SILLY name) is about the same.

So in short, Obama is NOT cutting the military. However, is not really increasing the military funding by that much either. 9 billion is not enough to do what he wants. . . increasing the size of the army and Marines. However, in this economy, it isn't wise to increase the budget either. If this kind of budget restraint was showing throughout the budget, I would be fine with next years budget, given the circumstances.

If he DID increase the size of those two forces, I would be in COMPLETE agreement, provided he didn't do it on the backs of the Airforce and Navy, or spec. ops.
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