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Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

Seriously.. I love easter... and Christmas. I think they are both Great and WONDERFUL christian holidays. I just always have to chuckle at how they came to be Christianized.
me too. when i was younger and learning the history between the pagan/christian adaptions of the holiday, i kinda struggled with whether i would want to teach my child of a santa claus or easter bunny. i kinda figured i wouldnt.

but now that i have a child, i take comfort that she knows about Jesus more than the other 2. its alraight that she celebrates these holidays, just like i did as a kid, because its ok for her to learn you can believe in something you cant see or touch.

and when she is older, she will learn that the legend of santa and the easter bunny is the spirit of Christ, and they are most certainly "real".

after all, the gift of giving and the gift of life (eternal) is certainly something worthy of celebration atleast once a year, right?
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