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Default Re: 3 police officers shot and killed in Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by TeeJay View Post
R.I.P Officiers

And HTG, there are probably a lot of concrete steps the SOB (that was very refrained of you!) has to traverse to get to the cells, and who knows?...........he could easily accidently stumble down one of them, and then a few officers could accidently stamp on his face as they went to help him.

Now that's called protecting society Mrs Poplawski......
He's already had his ass kicked by, I presume, the Pittsburgh Police as they took him to the County Jail after he murdered those officers in cold blood. His mug shot clearly shows the left side of his face a bit "messed up" and swollen:

Several of my friends are Corrections Officers and have told me stories of how inmates who are "cop-killers" and abuse women and children have these unfortunate "accidents" - IF one of their fellow jailbirds don't shank 'em first.

I only wish one of the SWAT snipers would have taken him out with one shot between the eyes.

I went downtown late last Wednesday evening to pay my respects to these fallen heroes as they lay in repose at the City County Building. There were a lot of officers there and I thanked every one of them and shook their hands thanking them for everything they do to protect all of us. Police officers are probably the most unappreciated people out there.

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