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Default Time to get Offensive...

I'm going out looking for critics, so here you go. Many team fans say oh we will be fine, but never back it up. Not here at SF, baby! Our biggest thing last year, turnovers late in the season...mainly int's by Ben. Now I can either say we are doomed or tell you why it will be different. Of course I'm choosing the later...

Ben threw picks because teams knew we were throwing on third down. They knew that because they knew we were going to run on 1st and 2nd. We ran on 1st and 2nd because it was the safest bet to gain positive yards. On the the theories(I mean facts)...

Ben now will have a larger playbook which means more options. In MLB if you only have a fastball and an offspeed pitch, more often than not you will throw gas early. Same with Ben last year. We ran early. Not now. We will have Ben reading defense. Ward and El getting separation from DB's who can't jam too much. We will have options of Staley, Haynes, and company on screens. Oh yeah, Miller and Tuman on the corners. First down means good chain movement this year. Also, with Miller added, we will now have a serious threat to help Ben see how the D plays the wideouts. If you don't have serious TE threats, you can play matches and sometimes not account for the TE by a single man. Now with Miller, he can command a player/player matchup which will be visible. This gives Ben more info at the line. More info + more experience = more positive plays. Plus Staley will be more comfrtable with where to run(like right before the injury when he was crushing teams), and Jerome's avg per run continues to go up in his "twilight" years.

So there you go punks. I'm telling you why we are okay this year. Feel the same about your team?
Didn't think so.
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