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Default Re: The Chinese have a new toy...and it doesn't bode well for US Fleets

If this whole thread is going to be about what we are spenging our US dollars one in the way of our military..

The article itself should be a classic example of scare tactics. You think for one second that the boys in brass, have not allready figured out the possibility that a ship and a very large ship (VERY Large) can't be taken out with an ICBM you're crazy.

Regardless of what this article says we allready have the technology to defend against this.

Also let me add, having lived in China for over 5 years now the average Chinese love Americans, and America they can't get enough of McDonalds and the NBA. Just go to your nearest US Consulate office to see the lines of Chinese trying to gat a visa to the US. That being said The Chinese are extremely nationalistic but do not have the first clue about their governemt, and watching Chinese TV they are not well informed. For the most part, life for the Chinese is better than it's been in 100's of years, and the people here are not gonna want to screw that up.

Case in point my wife. Born and raised in a villagein a home with a dirt floor (probably much like Tim Lumber's trailer home) then things started getting better, and she found herself with a college degree. To prove my other point even as a college grad, when I first met her she didnt know who the leader of her country was, and like most Chinese had zero interest in politics.

I'm just sayin...this aint North Korea we're dealing with here, no need to panic and drop another trillion (or a 100)on a defense system that we allready have.
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